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Operational experience

We bring a unique combination of operational, entrepreneurial and consulting/investment banking experience to the table


We deliver a value-for-money solution; high quality data and value driven analyses at high speed against an affordable price


Clear storylines and creative visualisation supported by latest technologies deliver unmatched customer experiences

  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

    Lao Tzu
  • A business plan is a journey in itself

    MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Top performance requires perfect preparation

    Sven Kramer
  • A goal without a plan is just a wish

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


We love building great business plans and making your business more successful

Our mission is to help businesses building and implementing their business plan in order to create long term value for the stakeholders.

We have a huge passion for business development. Our believe is that with a solid plan, the right resources (including access to today's technologies) and determination every business can be a success. Want to know more about our advisors?

Our team

Jurjen Veenhoven

Jurjen Veenhoven

Managing Partner

Strategy, Finance, M&A

Sander Giebels

Sander Giebels


Business Analytics, Financial Accounting

Diederik van Braam van Vloten

Diederik van Braam van Vloten


Data Science, Technology, Sales


We are bridging the communication gap between management and investors (and/or other stakeholders)


BusinessAthletes develops a bespoke structure to help solving the strategic questions on the table


For each assignment we set out a highly efficient process with meticulous focus on the end goal. Our process skills deliver great value-for-money in terms of quality, speed and price.


Solid data and value driven content brings focus to the business and facilitates decision making within the management team and communication towards stakeholders.


Strategic business development

We deliver a unique range of business development products supporting every inch of your business plan:

  • Advanced data analytics: value creation from external and internal data by transforming backward looking intelligence into forward looking advice
  • Impactful strategy tooling: data products which comprise practical information to build your strategy on without the need to dive into the underlying data analytics
  • Actionable business plans: a convincing story line backed by detailed insights, management agenda and a solid financial plan

Our integrated solutions for:

  • Investors: strategic due diligence and business reviews
  • Management teams: business plans, pitch decks, analyst presentations
  • Corporate finance advisors: information memoranda, management presentations

Strategic (big) data solutions are at the heart of our products. Our strategic data solutions can also be purchased as a singular product.

Our clients



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