We work for management teams, private equity, investors and family offices.

  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

    Lao Tzu
  • A business plan is a journey in itself

    MIT Sloan Management Review
  • Top performance requires perfect preparation

    Sven Kramer
  • A goal without a plan is just a wish

    Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Tangible business experience

We bring a unique combination of both hands-on business and consulting/investment banking experience to the table.

Data and value driven approach

Our work is always backed by data and value analysis.

Integrated systematic processes

We use a systematic and very detailed process in order to be able to deliver value-for-money; high quality at high speed against an affordable price.


We love building great business plans and making your business more successful

Our mission is to help businesses building and implementing their business plan in order to create long term value for the stakeholders.

We have a huge passion for business and sports. Our believe is that with a solid plan, the right resources and determination every business can be a success. Want to know more about our advisors?


Jurjen Veenhoven

Jurjen Veenhoven

Sander Giebels

Sander Giebels

Business Analyst


We love building great business plans and making your business more successful.


The data and value driven approach brings focus to the business and facilitates decision making within the management team and communication towards stakeholders.


Our systematic analytics and planning process unlocks value and brings the most important business topics and drivers to the surface. It also delivers great value-for-money in terms of quality and price.

Road map

Over the years we have developed deep knowledge of building the perfect “training plan” for companies. In our view the only road to the finish line is to build up a detailed road map.


Business plans are like training schedules for a marathon or triathlon. From the beginning you need a balanced plan preparing you optimal for the big event. However, during the training period it still remains a matter of measuring how the business/body is coping with the workload and adjusting the training plan if required.


Within matter of several months (or even weeks) you will have experienced an unforgettable journey and the same time will make sure you are fully in control of your business (plan).


Approach and experience enables delivery of a high quality business plan at high speed.

Our business development services are most often used for planning or communication purposes:


Original Beans

Original Beans

Date: 2016
Client: Original Beans
Purpose: Strategic review
Duration: 1 month

The Board requested BusinessAthletes to review the strategy of OriginalBeans within a timeframe of four weeks prior to approving the capital injection required to facilitate its growth ambitions.

“It was great to have a reflective personality and professional experience from the food investment and the baking industry on board to help Original Beans through a demanding period” – Philipp Kaufmann, Chief Grower Original Beans –

Kennemervis Groep

Kennemervis Groep

Date: 2016
Client: Mayonna
Purpose: Strategy development
Duration: 2 months

Management of Mayonna, a subsidiary of Kennemervis Groep, asked BusinessAthletes to support the team to build a long term value creating growth strategy. The growth strategy was supported by a detailed strategic framework and implementation plan.

“Together with BusinessAthletes we gained detailed understanding of our possibilities and limitations for further growth in a very short time frame. The way the potential can be realized is laid down in a 3-year management agenda. We want to thank BusinessAthletes for all insights” – Peter Koelewijn, Managing Director –



Date: 2016
Client: SportsHealthCreations
Purpose: Business Plan
Duration: 2 months

The shareholder of SportsHealthCreations requested BusinessAthletes to assist with analysing profitability of the business and drawing up a complete business plan for managerial and financing purposes.

“BusinessAthletes really helped us formulate our Business Plan and to give us more insight in the financial growth drivers which helped to get our investors onboard. We are now able to make the next step to further develop our business in the next years” – Matthias Huitema, Founder & Owner –

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